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Beige Bobby Socks

Beige Bobby Socks

All garments will be delivered to the Brescia House Swop shop for collection by pupils or parents.

NOTIFICATION will be via SMS or Email.

Opaque Tights

Sheer Ladderless Tights

All garments will be delivered to the Brescia House Swop shop for collection by pupils or parents.

NOTIFICATION will be via SMS or Email.

White Non Fold Over Ankle Socks

White Ankle Socks

Extra soft socks for the children who suffer with tactile sensory problems.  These socks do not need to be folded over and are exceptionally comfortable

NOTIFICATION will be via SMS or Email.

Froggie Hi Bar Brown

Froggie Barefoot Science School Shoes are podiatrist approved because they are
the best choice for growing feet. Most of the future bone structure in a child’s foot
begins are cartilage (firm elastic tissue), which is easily deformed by external pressure
from ill-fitting hard or rigid shoes. Froggie BFS Shoes are soft and flexible so they allow
full range of motion while still offering underfoot protection. Made from top quality
materials and best quality genuine leather. Removable, washable inner soles.

Brown Green Cross Mary Jane Shoes (Velcro)

Founded in 1975 Green Cross is South Africa’s leading footwear brand.

At Green Cross we do more than just craft, manufacture and distribute great shoes; shoe care and foot care products. Since 1975, we have been striving to understand the shape, design and functioning of feet, both at work and at play. Made of genuine leather, soft, supple and breathable materials, our products are lightweight with flexing properties and arch-support technology. Striking the ideal balance between science and fashion, we do not compromise on quality and comfort and strive to ensure our shoes look as stylish as they fit and feel.

Ensuring your feet can move as nature intended, Green Cross is perfect for those who spend loads of time on their feet, who know exactly where they are going and need a great pair of shoes to help them get there.

We have our own manufacturing plant in Cape Town, South Africa.

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Buccaneer Brown Scooter Lace Up


Buccaneer School Shoes was established in 1905 as a family business. Today, more than 100 years later, our quality, expertise and experience have earned us the title of ‘School Shoe Specialists’.

Based in Cape Town, we do our best to source the majority of our raw materials from local suppliers. This means that every time you buy a pair of Buccaneer shoes, you are supporting the South African economy and helping to create employment.

We continue to strive for excellence, assuring parents that Buccaneer School Shoes are the right choice for their children – every step of the way.

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